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  • In the current economic environment our attitude to how we manage our cash has had to change. Cash as an asset class can no longer be managed passively and diversification of bank counterparty risk should be a key part of any cash management strategy. In Irish Deposits we work with corporate, institutional and personal clients - all looking to achieve a granular blend of risk and investment return.


  • Our team play a key role in educating clients of the potential threats presented by the current complex economic landscape and have a deep understanding of what the potential solutions are. Depositors should be aware of  the various banks in Ireland and abroad, their ownership structure and ratings so that they have an understanding of the relationship between risk and return. 


  • Our consultants provide you with impartial advice that is aligned with your overall investment objectives. We will help you to achieve a diverse and thus secure portfolio mix at a level of return that still provides value for your funds within your particular investment policy framework.


  • Irish Deposits provides clients with an up to date credit rating service - providing credit ratings from the three main credit ratings agencies- Moody's, Fitch and Standard & Poor's. Where we assist in opening an account for a client, we ensure that they are fully informed of both the credit ratings of their selected institutions and of others in the marketplace.