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Savers need to show appetite for change

Sunday Times article - There are some tasty deposit deals out there, you just have to hunt them down. More >>

Irish Deposits Annual Deposit Survey 2016 Out Now

The Sunday Times/ Irish Deposits Annual Survey is out now. More >>

Irish Deposits Annual Survey 2015 out now

The Sunday Times/ Irish Deposits Annual Survey out this weekend More >>

The plot thickens for savers - Sunday Times Nov 24th 2013

Our survey reveals fears over security, poor returns and a loss of confidence in bank guarantees More >>

How to cut your losses on the interest on your savings - Sunday Independent October 20 2013

SAVERS were one of the biggest losers in last Tuesday's Budget. Finance Minister Michael Noonan’s decision to hike savings tax yet again means that most people will lose almost half of the interest they make on their hard-earned savings from the start of 2014. More >>

Grab Higher Rates While You Still Can - Business Plus March 2013

The period of bumper deposit rates is well and truly over, and savers should prepare for rates to fall even further, writes JOHN KINSELLA More >>

Sunday Times 10 July 2011

In the past, banks were the safest places for our cash, even if the interest they paid was modest. We left it there and got on with our lives. Not any more. People are ... More >>

Business Plus May 2011

If finance minister Michael Noonan is to be believed, the recent stress testing on Ireland's banks has stemmed the tide of deposit withdrawals from the main institutions. Central Bank data shows that Irish individuals and corporates withdrew ... More >>

Irish Times 06.06.2011

Ten years ago, some of us couldn't spend our money fast enough and nothing was too ridiculous for us to buy. So careless were we with our money, that the then minister for finance Charlie McCreevey had to incentivise us to save with the SSIA scheme. More >>

Sunday Independent 03.04.2011

Much has been written about how we got into this 'mess'. I don't propose to detail again these factors other than to say it was the unprecedented convergence of cheap credit, poor regulation and poor banking. More >>

Sunday Independent 29.05.2011

Over the last two weeks, there's been at least two cases of overcharging by the Irish banks. In one case, the Central Bank found that mortgage customers weren't getting interest rate discounts for as long as they were entitled to them. More >>

Irish Times 11.12.2010

Recent events have transformed the Irish Savings landscape, with the need for a secure, rainy-day fund now more pressing than ever - and with banks compering for savers' money, the customer holds all the cards. More >>